Gift with a cause...

This holiday season of Christmas and New Year, represents a great sales opportunity for stores. We all want to give something to our friends, family and loved ones some detail that represents the Christmas spirit.

At work and at home, the Christmas tree is waiting for its base to be filled with gifts; and co-workers organize exchanges to celebrate the end of the year.
However, by far, our pocket and personal finances will not always be able to acquire everything we would like to deliver to our relatives; reason why looking for more accessible options available through Fair Trade is an excellent alternative to give details that also represent a good to the community.
Contrary to what the large supermarket chains offer, through fair trade we can support people who produce or produce various types of products that, beyond the purchasing value, have a history, or perhaps a need, to which we can support.
Soaps, chocolates, cookies, decorative items, jewelry and items made with recycled materials, as well as a long list, are some of the options that these small producers or craftsmen offer this season.
If you are going to consume, we suggest alternatives that favor the local economy, which encourage the development of vulnerable communities or families with scarce resources, since their production is of low impact so the planet will also appreciate the use of natural wealth and limit its waste in large production plants and the entire value chain around it. In the case of handicrafts, we preserve our culture and traditions. Acquire fair trade products, consent to your loved ones and enjoy a party without wasting your money.