Smooth skin with grape waste

residuos de uva

A group of specialists in Mexico working on the development of a skin product created with the waste of the wine industry.

Carlos Antonio Eldar Guzman Nieves, a graduate biochemical engineer at the National Polytechnic Institute, is the entrepreneurial leader of this project is to process the grape marc (stalks, seeds and shells) which is not occupied in creating wines to develop an extract it moisturizes the skin.

This product contains large amounts of antioxidants phenolic compounds of grapes, however, the challenge is to process them at the right temperature so that the fruit does not lose loss nutrients that help the skin.

The benefits of grape pomace gives skin are prevention of aging, hydration and improved facial appearance.

Three quarters of the grapes produced in Mexico is consumed as fruit, 22% for the production of wine, brandy, jams and juices and 3% for raisins.

The patent for this invention may create new jobs to help farmers mainly Mexico, because in our country, according to SAGARPA, about 350 thousand tons of grapes a year are produced, but this figure has I been declining.

For the development of this project greater technological investment is not required, because you can use it for winemaking. This represents an excellent opportunity to open new opportunities in natural cosmetics and personal care industry in balance with the planet. Undoubtedly, this is an example what the wit and passion can do.


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