Tips to save water. Part I

Ahorro agua

Water is one of the most valuable natural resources of the planet and occupies nearly three-quarters of the surface of the Earth, although only 3% is fresh.

Life emerged from the water and without it no living being could exist. Every time we take a sip of fresh water, this is new to us. But water is not new. This water has been recycled over and over again since the beginning of the universe by various forms of life, like a dinosaur, a rabbit, a dove, a plant and even humans.
• Fix water leaks in your home. The greatest contribution we can make is to repair each leak and replace the keys, gaskets and pipes necessary with the help of a plumber.
• When closing a key let her not leaking, but be sure to close well.
• Install water-saving keys sink, toilet and shower heads to reduce consumption at home, they are very cheap! In Mexico 364 liters of water are consumed per person per day, more than double that, for example, the Europeans, consuming 150 liters per day.
• Never pour on the WC or draining gasoline, acids and solvents. They can produce dangerous reactions in pipelines, including explosive, and also you are poisoning the water and the species that live there.
• To wash your car and jargon used bucket instead of hose. You can reuse this water for washing machine or you picked up while heating the sprinkler.
• Repair or report any leak that you see.
• Consume products that do not promote deforestation and deforestation of forests, as it is in the forests where water is harvested for all of us.
• Participate in reforestation campaigns in your community and if you live near a river or canyon, look after them and keep them clean.
• Barre sidewalk, patios and garage with broom. A bucket of water is enough, you do not need the jet hose!

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