Novak Djokovic. Gluten free champion.


From the ruins of the civil war in Serbia, this young tennis player not only managed to overcome the terrible scenes of a nation cracked by racial differences, the inability to continue his training in his own country when younger, but discovered and overcame being celiac to be the number one in the ATP Ranking list for more than two years.
 He is cause for celebration and admiration for those who love this sport, and those who believe that through nutrition you can change your life radically for the better.
Novak Djokovic, is known in the world of tennis, not only for his sense of humor to make people laugh fans with his imitations of other players, delighting the reporters with his  comments and occurrences, but also for his foundation towards poor children; and now as an entrepreneur of restaurants with specialized menus for celiacs. In short, a very special player, a wonderful person on and off the court.
The title of his autobiographical book "Serve to win," is more than a game of words alluding to the sport, it is a life motto when we enter what has been his performance inside and outside the stadiums.
Novak discovered his celiac condition after a  visit to his doctor Četojević, a nutritionist. Him, after making a specialized study known by its acronym ELISA, found that young professional tennis had a great intolerance to wheat and dairy.
Četojević then suggested, as a benchmark, to abstain from foods with gluten for 14 days, and the results were incredible for Novak.
When he returned to see the doctor asked Novak who ate a bagel, and according to this, as we stated in his book, it was as if "I had raised with a hangover ..".
By following a diet without gluten, Novak lost about 5 kilos, he felt more agile, flexible and better able to concentrate. He lacked air. Since starting the diet, he said "my allergies were gone, my asthma disappeared, my doubts and fears were replaced by confidence. I have not had any serious flu or cold for almost three years. "
Likewise, Novak admits that part of his love for the sport has been the opportunity to travel, meet people, interact with other cultures in which to have learned and practiced Yoga, Tai Chi and other techniques that have helped you improve your game, and make the whole situation a new way to live and appreciate life.
If a player who had to withdraw from the parties lacks breath and dizzy. His change of diet, has been one of the factors that managed to ascend to the first two places in the ranking for two years outstripping other great players who never managed to win, living legends like Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.
His name figures in the history of the golden age of Tennis, and we still have lots to see a celiac player who is an example for all those who want to look and feel their health, while full in all aspects of his personal life and professional.