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Did you know that according to WHO, about 3.2 million people die each year due to physical inactivity ?,

which represents the fourth risk factor for mortality worldwide. That's why Grupo Body Systems, a company one hundred percent Mexican, founded more than 11 years, offering unique experiences in physical activity (fitness) and comprehensive wellness (wellness), whose vision is to create a healthier and more active society.

Inactivity ranks fourth among the major risk factors of mortality worldwide and 56 percent of the Mexican population is physically inactive.

A healthy lifestyle is when we find the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance.

For Body Systems, to an exercise routine can be effective must be:

Simple, Safe, Effective and Fun.

Mexico DF. 24 March 2015.- modern society to adopt healthy habits is essential given the pace and level of stress we live daily basis. Therefore, activities in search of balance [1] between body, mind and emotions, it is a way to preserve life, staying healthy, and prepare to alleviate disability and pain in old age [2]. Beyond they suffer or not any disease or illness, have a balanced life means a state of physical, mental and social well-being, as it has established the World Health Organization (WHO). It is that a healthy person is one who feels fulfilled and happy.

According to WHO, about 3.2 million people die each year due to physical inactivity, which represents the fourth risk factor for death worldwide, surpassed by hypertension and consumption of snuff. According to data Module sports and physical exercise (MOPRADEF) INEGI published in March last year, just over 56 percent of the Mexican population it is physically inactive.

Improved fitness is essential to achieve a healthy lifestyle and this can only be achieved through exercise. According to Jose Antonio Mársico, CEO of Group Body Systems, a company concerned with promoting the passion for fitness, when a person wants to adopt a healthy lifestyle, you should seek a change of consciousness to achieve sustainable habits and get a total welfare .

Mistakenly you think the first thing is to undergo a diet, followed by a series of steps to reach the goal and finally autoestablecida is considered, and with some annoyance, the option to do some physical activity. That's because the exercise presented to us as something painful, boring, systematic and do not know where to start.

Body Systems Group is a hundred percent Mexican company, founded over 11 years ago, offering unique experiences in physical activity (fitness) and comprehensive wellness (wellness), whose vision is to create a healthier and more active society. Through its pillars, they have a completely different about what should be the exercise concept. "A physical activation program -enfatiza Mársico- must meet four conditions for a person to integrate into your daily life: simplicity, safety, effectiveness and fun. Without these elements, people are not able to have a fitness experience that captivates and moves to move forward "

· Simple: anyone can do it. Body Systems programs have a dynamic that involves simple exercises to strengthen the motor skills and can take the rhythm of each person.

· Insurance: Body Systems coaches are trained to seek the welfare both in group sessions and individual. All programs are based on research and have the backing of international institutions.

· Cash: When someone joins a program of exercise, looking results. Body Systems guarantee them both in the field of health and aesthetics.

· Fun: finally, if physical activity becomes monotonous or does not have the proper motivation, will suffer neglect the user. It is proven that when a person performs as a group exercised two to three times per week.

Body Systems Group is a company that develops plans for physical activity through four divisions: Corporate Wellness®, in which special corporate programs are made; Activation House® a solution for innovative companies seeking a rapprochement with their audiences through experiences of fitness; BODY KIDS® a systematic physical activation for children six to 12 years program; Les Mills® Mexico developer 12 group fitness programs, among which are: BODYPUMP®, BODYCOMBAT®, BODYJAM®, SH'BAM® and BODYATTACK®.

But certainly the wellness involves a comprehensive welfare. In that sense it is important to clarify that the physical activation is the main driver, but should consider other factors that are critical, such as food, the balance between professional and personal life as well as what each person to provide balance, satisfaction and welfare. But always in the hands of the exercise, which is a drive to improve mood, maintain a healthy diet and provide happiness. Migrating to a healthy lifestyle is a path that takes time, however, make labor experts ensures effective and lasting results, even across generations.