Endangered animals. The proboscis monkey.

mono narigudo

Only a few thousand remain in Borneo, one of the monkey species most endangered on the planet in the coming decades.

Like most species of endangered animals, their poaching and reduction of their habitats has made decreasing their number to alarming levels, so is being protected not only by international agreements to market animals, but various environmental organizations.

Its most distinguishing mark is the prominent nose of the male, which apparently is the first attribute that the female, with a smaller dimension, looking at a couple of their species. This nose is otherwise a very clear of their opponents signal your mood, as it turns red when excited or alter your mood.

It is a herbivore, it feeds on leaves, fruits and seeds; and by them he is capable of swimming long stretches of water, or the feeling of being in danger. This is, in fact, one of the main feature of their environment because their habitat is usually humerus, such as tropical forests, mangroves and swamp forests.

It is a social animal, their groups can consist of up to 32 individuals, with separation of social classes; where where males and females have their well-defined positions.

One of the dangers and reason for being in decline, is that the female has just one pup per gestation, which makes its population grow very slowly.